Dystopian Swamp Witch



May 4th, 2020

Resting perilously on a porous limestone shelf, Florida doesn't stand a chance when the Wave hits. 

Ryan Frey is now suddenly homeless, scouring the Floridian apocalypse for his estranged brother and anyone else desperately trying to be anywhere but here. Thwarted by sinkholes and a group of Zealots with their bloodthirsty Lustrators, the group must escape before Florida washes away beneath their feet. 



At the age of five, Jack published their first book, "My Lost Cat", and it all went downhill from there. Jack has splattered pages  across the writing genre spectrum, from post-rock songs to short stories, fanfiction to legislative policies. In 2012, they finally settled down for seven years and penned the first of the Homestead Trilogy, "Florida is Gone", based on the apocalypse predictions of the same year. 

Jack is working as a cyber security architect and raises a son with their two husbands in the middle of a Florida swamp. In between taking their son to explore the corners of the state and working, Jack finds time to write as much as they can and hopes to one day leave the technical life behind to live a life in swampy, solitary fantasy world. Until then, they'll stick with their day job.


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